cherry pick and pittin

i’m not gonna get into details of it now, but i expect big changes to this bloggy project type thing in the next month or so.  hopefully you won’t be all annoyed, but we got to do what we got to do, and part of that is staying true to ourselves.

much of this comes as a result of several nights of siting on the porch on account of being without power for four days.  happy to have it back and thankful to ma for cleaning out the fridge.  having no power didn’t put an end to our list of things to do, and with the company of good friends patrick and dawn we were off in search of cherries to pick.  about 45 minutes north of city near hartland we found what we needed at this orchard.

i was kind of worried that the place was gonna be crowded, but turned out that we had the tart cherries pretty much to ourselves, and they were loaded full of fruit.

between the four of us i think we picked about sixty pounds of fruit in under an hour.  we quit picking mostly on account of losing interest in picking not lack of fruit, combined with a lack of money and freezer space.

for an extra 25 cents a pound they offered pitting service, which seemed like a bargain having pitted plenty of cherries at this point.  turns out that we were also paying for entertainment, as watching this ancient cherry pitter get cranked up and do its thing was a joy for all.

between this and all the cherries picked at a tree across the street, we have more than enough for all kinds of projects; cherry sauce, mead, brandied cherries, and of course a pie or some other kind of dessert.  we still need to find a good source for sweet cherries, if anyone has recommended picking spots please do share.


4 responses to “cherry pick and pittin

  1. could you share the name of the cherry orchard? i’ve been trying to find one that’s not terribly far to do some picking!

  2. I must be weird because I like pitting cherries- glove on one hand, chopstick in the other, I pit while watching tv and did 55 pounds in no time last year. This year our cherries aren’t happening at all. Got a couple pounds of sours off one very tall tree today but I didn’t get any sweets yet and my favourite picking tree was all but barren.

    • I wouldn’t sat you are weird. I enjoy plenty of monotonous activities including pitting the ones from the neighbors tree, but I also recognize a good deal, and know that it means I have more time for other projects.

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