brightmoor mini mobile greenhouse

i’m planning to get a tour of brightmoor soon with friends to show off more of what is happening in the neighborhood tucked away in the far northwest side of the city.  it’s booming with projects, one of which is a garden next to my friends bill and billie’s house.  it includes this fascinating little mobile greenhouse.

it’s made out of off the shelf hardware, mostly electrical conduit and wood, with some greenhouse plastic and wiggle wire for the sheathing.  it measures about 16′ x 16′.  the roll up vents located on the end wall also mean that you can pull the whole structure over a new crop that has already been planted, as long as it’s below a foot tall or so.  right now they have early tomatoes growing, but come fall i’m guessing they will pull it into place over some overwintering crops.  the top vents seem a little on the small side, especially given how small the roll ups are.  i’m thinking that come august this guy is gonna be smoking hot.

the whole thing sits on a skid made out of some square stock.  rumor is it only took 4 people to move it.  you can also see the anchor pin holding this down.  i think i might feel a little better with something a little more robust.  you can also see how the roll upsides work.  pretty simple.  mobile greenhouses seem all the rage, and i see the advantages, but i find it difficult enough to manage a stationary one, let alone the added complexity of a mobile one, so don’t expect me to construct one any time soon.

looking forward to getting a tour this month and seeing more of what is blossoming in brightmoor.


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