mulberries = little house 2.0

announcing the first movie we have made, and what a rough silly little movie it is. if anyone has any resources for help editing utalizing imovie, or have another recommendation for software it would be welcome.

we are right in the thick of mulberry season, and ma and i have been laying out a tarp and gathering them every other day. not much could be easier. see video below.

then we just pull the tarps sides up and they gather in the middle and we slide them into the bowl. this tarp has been one of the best investments I have made. it costs something like 14 dollars and has a rope that goes around the edges so you can sench it into a bundle. great for gather leaves in the fall too.

mulberries are excellent in mead, of course, but also in cakes, crumbles and cobblers. treat them sort of like a more watery raspberry. they tend to be a little too much on the sweet side for me, so they need a little lemon added to balance them.


7 responses to “mulberries = little house 2.0

  1. I think I have a mulberry tree, how can I tell?

    • mulberries come in three basic kinds; red, white, and, black. they cross with each other readily so you often find
      hybrids. mulberries are fast growing trees and will grow just about anywhere. they do especially well in our vacant lots. the bark of young trees is a light brown and the berries look a bit like raspberries but with a small stem that comes off with them when you pluck it. as far as I know there are no poisonous look a likes. so you should be pretty safe.

  2. Clem spent the weekend distilling his found mulberries. I’ll have to show him your tarp.

  3. Why did we never do this at home? Because the birds got to them first . . . ?

    • i think it had to do that we were able to eat more than enough to make ourselves sick without having to go to the effort of shaking a tree. that and the tree we are shaking in this video is about two inches across unlike the one in our backyard growing up which was like a foot and a half across, too big to shake.

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