working with others means that you have to find common language.  what i refer to as a shovel many folks call a spade, and what i call a spade, many folks don’t have a name for at all.  this is what i call a spade.

it’s a sharp flat-headed shovel.  it doesn’t serve a ton of purposes, but the ones that it does, it’s very good at.  in particular it’s great for removal of sod.  while rototilling up beds and breaking up sod up is satisfying, it still takes a long time to for the sod to break down.  for a quicker solution when i want to plant very soon, i prefer the hard work of sod removal.  this spade is an especially nice one, a forged one from spears and jackson.

first you use the spade to cut the sod into manageable pieces.

the you use the spade to get up and under the chunks you just cut up, utilizing the sharp edge to cut the roots.  then it’s a simple matter of lifting the chunks of sod out, like serving a slice of lasagna.

it’s hard work, but it doesn’t take long.  in about a half hour after dinner i was able to cut this seven by fourteen foot bed and make this pile of sod.  sod is great for compost, traditionally piled on its own, alternating orientation of soil to soil, grass to grass.  it breaks down into a rich, soil heavy compost.  i just add it to my compost pile, as there is not enough sod here to make the critical mass needed to make a good compost pile.  next up, prepping for planting!


One response to “sodbusting

  1. Always a good quality, someone who calls a spade a spade!

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