garlic scape solution

we are swimming in garlic scapes right now.  if you grow hardneck garlic and you pop the scapes, you end up with a lot of scapes you might not know what to do with.  ma and i always try to use them, and eventually we do, but it’s usually a forced effort.  this year we sat down and talked about just what we were gonna do to deal with all those scapes.  for more info on scapes read this.

from left to right – vinegar, pickles, and pesto

when dealing with the scapes i usually discard the spiky tops and the woody bottoms.

for the vinegar we roughly chopped up the scapes and cover them with white wine vinegar.  leave them for a couple of weeks to flavor and then give the vinegar a taste.  if you want more garlic leave them longer.  you can eat the garlic that’s been soaking or discard if you prefer.  the vinegar is great in salad dressings.

for  pickles, we rough chopped the scapes and covered them with brine.  a couple tablespoons in a quart of water i would guess.  it tastes pretty salty.  then use a half pint jar to keep them all under water.  only a day into the process and they are bubbling nicely and making a layer of scum i’ve skimmed off already.  i’ll taste them in a couple of weeks and see how i like them.  if they taste good then i’ll throw them in the fridge, if not i’ll let them go longer.  i’m actually thinking i’ll blend them up and make a garlic pickle sauce.  i imagine it being great over brown rice with kale.

the fanciest of the bunch is the pesto.  first we sautéed the scapes in plenty of tasty olive oil.

since the scapes can be a bit stringy and tough i wanted to make sure they were cooked and tender, it also infused the oil with garlic favor.

add to this some parsley

and some lemon zest and the juice of a lemon.

and some toasted walnuts and a little salt and you have one wonderful batch of pesto.

we served it over fresh homemade pasta with the first peas out of the garden, some onions caramelized in dandelion mead, and a little mint.

any other good ideas for garlic scapes?


One response to “garlic scape solution

  1. jarret schlaff

    Everything looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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