rabbit revenge

you may recall the rabbit issues we had during the early part of the season.   seems they have come back to haunt us.  we have noticed several adults around the neighborhood.

these guys are attracted to the succulent young growth in our garden as can be seen with the damage done to this tomato plant.

this one isn’t even the worst.  some were stripped completely of all leaves.  many of the varieties that i picked up when we were at seed savers are among the casualties.  in an attempt to thwart the bunnies and save our plants we have taken to chicken wire cages around each plant.  first we tried a fence around the tomato patch, but that didn’t seem to faze them.

the ones with cages are doing well, about ready to get staked, and the ones stripped of their leaves have been replaced with tomatoes kindly offered up by friends.  but the bunnies have moved elsewhere, and ma has taken to sprinkling blood meal around the basil and cucumbers and find myself researching rabbit snares.


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