bees on asparagus

the asparagus is in bloom.  its subtle flowers might not draw much attention by humans, but the bees certainly are interested.  this time of year when you get close to the asparagus patch you can hear the audible hum of them busy at work.  often five or six bees on each plant.  added up that’s a lot of bees.

capturing photos of bees on asparagus proves to have challenges, not the least of which is that the bees don’t like to stay still.   all of the foliage of the asparagus makes it hard for the autofocus on my point and shoot camera to figure out i want to focus on those bees.  this would have been the perfect time for ma’s fancy camera, and its manual focus.

the bees are mostly going after pollen, and their legs are covered with bright orange pollen that makes them look like they are wearing little leg warmers.  the first photo does a good job of showing the pollen baskets.  while it may be hard to tell while they are moving around so quick, the pollen on their legs doesn’t surround the legs, but is actually packed into the pollen baskets on the outside of the rear leg.  for more info on pollen baskets click here.

this last one i especially like, because you can just barely see her wings beating, and if you look closely you can see the bee’s tongue, aka her proboscis.


3 responses to “bees on asparagus

  1. Well first of all thank you for posting these pix. I am growing asparagus this year and I didn’t know if they looked righ, now I see they are right on track. Mine also have the little flower bells. The pollen on that bees legs is awesome! Nice shot. Come and check out our blog sometime – we have a lot in common!

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