nut trees sprout

i actually thoughts about writing the title of this post in all capitals in an attempt to express my excitement, since i consider all caps the equivalent of yelling.  but no need to ruin my lower case run just over some nut trees.

regardless, i have been very excited about nut trees sprouting this spring in addition to finding the paw paws.  you may recall hazelnuts and chestnuts were acquired at mark shepard’s farm last year and then planted in the garden following marks instructions pretty closely with only a minor mistake of soaking the hazels too long.  despite the mistake we still seem to have plenty of sprouts.

hazels are coming up faster than chestnuts.  this photo was taken about a week ago and many more have sprouted since then.  at least 50 trees, but they are hard to count because i planted them so densely.

chestnuts are a bit slower to spout and take longer to unfurl their shiny jagged leaves.  after growing annuals from seed and only planting perennials from nursery stock, one gets the impression that growing woody perennials from seed is hard.  spouting this many with this much ease, certainly inspires one.

each morning i have been taking my coffee out and admiring the sprouts and already thinking about what i will plant next, but i’m already thinking i need to bug mark for some more seeds.


5 responses to “nut trees sprout

  1. That’s so fascinating. Thanks for sharing those pix. I have never seen them at that stage. We will never be able to grow such items here on our homestead bc of food allergies, but I am glad to have see your pix. 🙂

  2. while the hazel nuts might bother folks with food allergies, chestnuts should not.

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