interplanting in the hoop house

wanting to manage space as much as possible, we have been interplanting the summer season crop where the cool season crops were growing.  many of those cool season crop have now been harvested, but some continue to grow.  since most of the cool season crops grow pretty low, the hot season crops are able to grow above them and then when it gets too warm for the cool season crops, we simple remove them and cultivate around the warm season crops.  some examples.

peppers planted into lettuce mix. tomatoes into chardcukes into mustard greens.

part of this has been a bit of fun and experimentation.  i wasn’t sure how growing in the other plants would affect the growth of the summer plantings, but so far they seem to be doing great.  i have a control area, of tomatoes in beds that we never planted any cold season crops into, and they don’t seem any slower to develop!


2 responses to “interplanting in the hoop house

  1. Great idea. I live on a very small block and I might try this once summer comes around here.

  2. Thanks for thois post and very helpful to increase food output.
    I will also try this out muself!
    Also i do read all your post Patrick and they are great keep them up.
    You and your fellow associates are doing great work!

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