wild walking onions

walking onions, aka top setting onions, aka tree onions, aka egyptian onions.  they are all pretty much the same thing as far as i can tell, but i look forward to someone else informing me otherwise.

they are an early spring treat, and i feel i always fail to hit them at their prime.  i keep telling myself i will harvest them right on time.  but i never notice them until they start shooting up their crazy curly tops.  i took some photos of them cause they are just so beautiful, and utilized ma’s fancy camera to capture them in all their glory.

as these tops get heavy and the stems dry out the tops fall to the ground and sprout up, making new onions, which leads to the names – top setting onions, because they create sets on the top, as well as walking onions, – because over time they seem to move.

i would like to add some of these to the perennial vegetable plot at the community garden that i have been working on, as well as trying to pickle the little sets they make on top.  they could be lovely.  when harvested early in the spring they make a much-needed early addition to the diet.  perhaps with the harvest of more crops coming out of the hoop house and from under quick hoops, i will be in a better mindset to remember to harvest.

even if i never get as far as to harvest them, i always look forward to their bizarre curling, waving, dancing forms, each year.


One response to “wild walking onions

  1. I have some of these too. They are so cool.

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