pawpaw seedlings finally sprout!

i wasn’t planning on writing  about paw paws again until putting together a batch of paw paw mead that i have fruit in the freezer waiting for me.  that is until i went back and checked the spot i planted some paw paw seeds a couple years ago.  ma had done some weeding in there last year and said nothing had come up and i took her word for it.  i decide to check once more this year, just to quite my hopes that they would sprout and move on to the next venture.  and i much suprised to see this sight.

over 50 of these little beauties.  planted much too close together, so i guess i’ll try to carefully transplant them next spring into another spot for them to get big enough to plant out.  my dreams of collecting paw paws in the city limits just might come true.  any recommendations of place to plant paw paws?


4 responses to “pawpaw seedlings finally sprout!

  1. Barbara Prusak

    congratulations on your patience. yes, I think it would be great to add one or two to our orchard at Hope Takes Root.

  2. Yay! Belle Isle, of course!… along the rouge River…..Lakewood park on the Eastside……..Angel park on the east side too….there are possible places close to the river on the west side too that you can still get to….i just don’t know exactly where they are….. what’s that fort on the west side?

  3. they like shade and deer ate my first two. i am going to try some seeds from hearing about your success.

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