spring on the prairie

i’m not inclined to celebrate the urban prairie.  the stories behind the prairies are all sad ones; full of forecloses, drug wars, failed urban renewal projects, burned down housed, job loss, and insurance company redlining.  so while i don’t want to celebrate the wide open space, i do see their beauty, especially this time of year when the grass is lush and green and has yet to turn brown.  especially this time of year before the city has given it one of its two lousy mowings of the year.  with the huge thunder heads climbing in to the atmosphere last week and creating dramatic contrast of light and dark, it made for great times for exploring.

that is all.


2 responses to “spring on the prairie

  1. Twitter! Twitter!

    • you know it’s funny cause while i still don’t understand this twitter thing, i actually was thinking of getting ma to help me put together a couple of short videos to help explain ideas that pictures can’t really document.

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