planting tomatoes

the home garden is pretty well ma’s territory.  i don’t make too many requests of what she grows in there.  she knows what i’m gonna want to eat on, so there are plenty of salad greens and broccoli, and beyond that’s its whatever she likes.  i did make a request for more space be made available so that i might be able to do more sun drying tomatoes.  while i would like to take credit for planting the varities, pricking them out, and loving them along until they were ready to get planted outside.  the reality is that i didn’t do anything beyond picking out some seeds and then planting the transplants out into the garden.

this last sunday, the lovely day that it was before the flood that we have been having, was a great day to plant tomatoes, which is exactly what i did.

ma grew something like 12 varities of tomatoes, and we have planted at least two of each plus a couple from some friends.  most of these are for sun drying. black cherry, lemon plum, roman candle, powers, purple russian, cosmonaut, black plum, royal hillbilly, green sausage, principe borghese, paul robeson, and cream sausage.

this is my little how to on planting tomatoes, feel free to give your tips.

first thing i do is pinch off the lower branches.  smokers make sure you hands are well washed so as not to spread tobacco mosaic.  now you look like you have a long leggy tomato, and if you were to plant it at the same depth as the soil level that it was growing in the pot it would get smacked around in the wind, and be to top heavy.  i don’t plant it at the same level, i plant it much deeper.  which means digging a deep hole.

and then putting the tomato at the bottom of the hole.  if you are growing in pots you want to make sure the roots are not pot bound.  should they be,  just take a knife to them and slice them, or break them up with your fingers.  pot bound plants will have stunted growth, and be very dissapointing.  tomatoes have this nice habit of putting on roots all along the stem, and when you plant them deep it helps them to put on more roots.  fill the hole in, give it a little pat and stand back and enjoy your work. a happy tomato plant.  though only happy if you also water it in.  the step most likely to be forgotten is watering in.  you need to make sure you are getting the soil all down around the root ball and packed in and all the air pockets gone from around the roots.  otherwise they dry out and die.  course with 4 inches of rain in two days watering in hardly seems necessary, but you can’t count on the rain.


One response to “planting tomatoes

  1. I had forgotten about the sun dried tomatoes until last week, when I uncovered them in the cupboard, reconstituted them, and ate them with asparagus on homemade pizza. Crazy delicious. I can see why you’d want more space for them in the garden.

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