working undercover

its taken what seems like months to get installed, but we finally have row cover up in the hoop house.

at this point in the year it might seem completely unnecessary, but with the cooler weather it’s really helped everyone thrive, as well as reduced the amount of moisture we are loosing.  with tomatoes, pepper and squash going in as well this week it will insure that they are able to thrive in the extra warmth. this row cover is held up with 14 gauge electrical fencing wire, though obviously it’s not charged.  one end is simply looped around the square stock on the west side end wall and then wrapped around its self.  the other end is attached via these ratchet things.  total cost for hardware, wire and ratchet tool was under 40 bucks.  utilizing these you can easily make the wire tighter to support the row cover, but also loosen the wires up, wrap them up and get them out of you way when it is time for the row cover to be removed in summer.  the row cover is held in place with clothes pens, and can easily be pushed open to allow one to work, or to vent the plants on warm days.  its set up to be high enough for you to work under the row cover crawling on you hands and knees.  a surprisingly enjoyable thing to do on cold days.  hiding underneath is a sea of green.  we have had a bit of spotty germination, but enough of a stand to have some stuff to harvest.  the radishes, lettuce and spicy greens mix are ready now, kale and collards very soon.  i had a chance to sample a radish last week and is was delicious.  and i don’t even much like radishes, but these french breakfasts are a thing to behold.  


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