spinach on steroids

the spinach at work that we overwintered  is of epic proportions.  some have asked what sort of fertilizer we have been using. we have been using none, other than good old compost. as my hand for reference you can see that the leaves are enormous.  huge and yet still tender.   soon it will begin to bolt, but the spinach in the high tunnel will be ready to harvest by that time.  while the use of low tunnels has been a bit of a struggle, in the end the spinach is a testament to their usefulness.  i certainly plan to use them again this winter, with a few changes.  between the low tunnels and the addition of a more user-friendly hoop house we are able to increase our yields out in the fields and the variety of product we have at market.  usually this time of year it’s only asparagus.  this year we have spinach, leeks, scallions, radishes, and salad greens.  next year i expect we will more than doubled that variety, and even greater yields.


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