first of the morel harvest

how much do ma and i love ourselves?  a lot.  so much that we spend a good amount of time looking for these beauties this time of year.

this was just one afternoons harvest.  we have been combing the neighborhood looking under old elms, and out in the woods, but all of these babies were harvested from a couple of trees in the backyard.  in a couple of days we harvested over 3/4 of a pound or about 40 dollars worth of mushrooms.  we still have a few weeks worth of mushroom hunting left to go, and i’m looking forward to harvesting more, but am happy to have had at least these.  last spring we only found one morel.  so this year is already better.

and what better to do with these morels than saute them with asparagus from the garden and fresh pickled lemon in butter and add them to a lovely risotto?  yeah i couldn’t think of anything either.

now we just need to find some ramps.


4 responses to “first of the morel harvest

  1. there are ramps on Brother Nature’s lots across the street from HTR.

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  3. i have never had any luck with finding morels, this year i got out kind of late. i have a mushroom risotto recipe and was going to do something similar. maybe next year i’ll get in more hunt time or have a little better luck.

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