the resilience of the dandelion

i always welcome the first dandelion bloom of the year.  as a beekeeper it is brings great relief, as it is the first major source of nectar for the bees, and means that those hives that have made it though the winter can now start making honey again.  as a forager of wild herbs and food, the dandelion is  rich in uses, it young leaves being used in salad or lightly cooked (though the best greens are those from earlier in the year before the dandelion has even flowered, and the greens are at their least bitter), it’s flower’s for wine, and it’s root is traditionally used as an herbal liver cleanser.

this years first dandelion was spotted growing out of the crack between a building and the sidewalk, nurtured to bloom by the extra heat of the concrete all around it.

this image of the dandelion growing from the side-walk has always struck me a deeply symbolic.  of something able to make the most out of what seems like such a harsh enviroment,  bringing some natural beauty to an otherwise barren landscape.  the dandelion goes unnoticed, but yet is actually full of much use.  the dandelion is resilient, it keeps on coming back even in the harshest of climates.

after a long hard winter, i welcome back my friend the dandelion and look forward to gathering petals for making mead.


2 responses to “the resilience of the dandelion

  1. “I’m junk but I’m still holdin’ up this little wild bouquet” —from a Leonard Cohen song

  2. !!!! oh i have been rejoicing them, giving them praise for being food for our dear bees !!!!!

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