break in the rain and a chance for tilling

we have had rain almost everyday for the last week, and forecast is showing more of the same in the coming days.  yesterday’s weather provided us with a much-needed break in the wet stuff,  and i was able to ride to works sans rain gear on a sunny day for a change.  it also meant a chance to get a little tilling done in between storms.

sorry for low quality camera phone photo, but it was all i had.

i was surprised with the fact that the soil was anywhere near dry enough for tilling, but once i did i jumped at the chance to prep the beds knowing that there was not likely to be another time very soon.

while i’m not a big fan of the rototiller, it does have it’s place, and i would say being able to prep these beds by myself in under an hour on the only sunny day of the week is certainly one of the them.  since i only had an hour i was only able to till 6 of the 22 beds that we need to prep, but that’s six more than before.  saturday is supposed to be sunny as well, with any luck we will be able to get more compost laid and beds prepped.


One response to “break in the rain and a chance for tilling

  1. Hey there, I found your blog while looking for info on the Nearing’s greenhouse and followed links to your recent posting. You don’t need to till your beds. We have permanent beds that we haven’t tilled for 15 years. We put compost on top and control the weed growth that way. By tilling you actually increase weed growth and you are using fossil fuels you don’t need to use. Check out a youtube video about our process at:
    Nice article about your visit to the Nearing’s place. I felt the same way you did after visiting there this past November. More people need to know about their work!

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