i’m dreaming of a white easter

the biggest harbinger of spring arrived this week.

that’s right its asparagus.  but what is all that white stuff around it you ask.  it’s the eighteen of april and we have snow on the ground.  obviously since asparagus can come up in such cold weather, it can handle some cold weather, but not too much.  it can be damaged by cold weather.  these spears don’t show it too much, but they should show start showing cold damage in the next day or so, causing me to lose the first crop of spears, as they get purple streaks, spots, curl and turn mushy.  the first year this happened i researched all typed of diseases that affect asparagus, but was unable to find anything, sometimes it’s the most obvious.  looks like my desires for spring veggies will just have to wait a bit longer.


2 responses to “i’m dreaming of a white easter

  1. sad sad day! oh, how pretty those spears are! jeff klein’s are up too, and all i could think of was the delights of harvesting asparagus every morning and afternoon last spring….

  2. Would it hurt to cut a few ? Or is it way too soon and would cause more damage.

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