planting the hoop house

i’ve been itching to plant the hoop house at work for a month, but prepping beds and sifting compost has taken much longer than expected.  it’s no big deal, yes we are behind, but i’d rather the beds be in good shape.  it’s well worth the effort.

they still could use more compost on them, but then there comes a time when you have to say well enough, lets plant some food.  this fall i’m going to be sure to get plenty of compost sifted and ready to go.  we have about a 9 foot wide section in the very front of the hoop house where we can put a nice big pile of sifted compost to store.

i don’t know if i’ve ever shown off this guy, the six row seeder.  it’s pretty demanding, requiring a bed that is very smooth and well prepared.  even with the extra time spent on prepping the beds, it still saves an incredible amount of time.  the learning curve on using the six row seeder is pretty steep, we messed up on seeding a lot of beds before we started getting it right.  and priced at over five hundred dollars, you better be prepared to put it to good use, or it’s not worth the money.  but it has certainly paid for itself over the years, both in reduced labor costs and seed costs.

with any luck i’ll be able to take this same shot in a week and have little radishes sprouting up. in addition we also planted turnips, beets, chard, arugula, spicy greens mix and salad mix.  we still have some other beds to plant this week.

for instant gradification we also planted kale seedlings.

now i’ll be checking the beds multiple times a day to see if anything has sprouted other than weeds.


2 responses to “planting the hoop house

  1. Nice looking gadget, but not on my “Almost an Acre” or budget :o) Your dirt looks real good and healthy, and I’m sure you will have beautiful gardens.

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