the existential crisis of baby bunnies

ma pulled off the straw on one of the newly created beds with the intent of prepping them for peas.  what she didn’t expect to find was this.

a nest of five baby bunnies, which has caused the existential crisis.  obviously we couldn’t kill them, we aren’t heartless, but rabbits are among our biggest pests, especially for peas.  of course the other concern was that mama bunny wasn’t gonna come back and we were gonna find a nest of dead baby bunnies soon.  ma check on them each day, and they were not only not dead, they were getting bigger.  obviously mama bunny was returning to the nest.

not two seconds after this photo was snapped, these little guys came bounding out of their nest and scattered in all directions.  it was a cold, windy day, and we couldn’t let them just let freeze to death, so we caught the two we could find and put them back in the nest, but they kept leaving.  on no less than three occasions we caught them and stuffed them back in the nest.  finally they made a break for the vacant lot across the street to be impossible to find in the grass.  i guess they will either survive to wreck havoc on our garden or we have a bit less of a rabbit problem that we would have had we not unearthed the nest before they were ready to leave.

i’m feeling a little depressed.  pea eaters or not, baby bunnies are really, really cute.


3 responses to “the existential crisis of baby bunnies

  1. love this photo! also makes me want to say awkward things like ‘poor little bun-buns,’ so they must be pretty cute

  2. As soon as baby bunnies are able to leave the nest, they’re good to go. They will be just fine 🙂

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