greenhouse filled to the brim

just a couple quick photos of the greenhouse, pretty filled up beyond capacity. this was taken on sunday, we actually put another hundred or so flats of tomatoes since then in.

we started distributing these plants last night, so we are getting a little bit of room to move things around!


3 responses to “greenhouse filled to the brim

  1. Would you share with us what plants you are seeding this year? What climate are you in?

    • climate – right now our climate is windy, very windy. but seriously, we are just barely zone 6. the plants you see in these photos are mostly collards,broccoli and cabbage that are being grown for community gardeners. tomatoes are under the benches.

  2. oh dear, how lovely these babes look, so green, so verdant, and in such a lovely greenhouse! i hope you gave them blessings on their way to their new homes.

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