germination chamber

i’m feeling bad about how long it’s been since i last posted.  i have in fact been extremely busy.  spring is kicking my butt, but i have been writing, look in the coming weeks for a new article coming out in model d.

i do want to write, and there has been plenty to write about, but i always seem to be without my camera when the notion to take photos comes up, and i’m also too busy trying to get work done to document it to.  i’m trying to slow down, really, but i just added another commitment to my plate, which means i need to drop some stuff from my plate, but not to worry, writing isn’t one of the things i plan to drop.

but back to the topic at hand – we have been really busy with the greenhouse in the last few weeks, and i’ve been meaning to document our handy germination chamber for the last few years.

it’s a pretty simple wooden and pipe structure with plastic pulled over top it.  lots of thanks to ryan and kido for help on this project.

you can fit 56 germ flats in it, which depending  seedlings equals about 50,000 plants on average in a space that only takes up about 20 square feet.

we have three sheets of plastic, two stapled on each side, and then one draped over the top from front to back.  in order to seal them we just roll the plastic together and clamp it.

it makes opening and closing fast and easy.  we have a small heater and a thermostat installed in the bottom and are able to adjust the temperature to what ever temperature we want over the temperature of the greenhouse.  since i don’t keep the greenhouse much over 70° it’s not really the idea temperature to germinate peppers and tomatoes.  even without the heater, the added humidity helps get everything to pop just a little better.

on sunny days the temperature inside can get much too hot, since it’s like having a greenhouse inside a greenhouse.  i monitor the temperature carefully and vent it often or leave it open on sunny days.

once they germinate, we need to get them out of the germination chamber on the double or else they get leggy quick.


4 responses to “germination chamber

  1. That’s a great idea Patrick. I’d have to do that on a smaller scale :o)..remember I only have
    “Almost and Acre” :o) have a good day…

  2. Cool germinator. I’m germinating vegetables and native plants in a greenhouse; it didn’t occur to me to make an extra chamber–but our greenhouse is an old-time, well-heated glass one at a college.

    All blogging farmers and gardeners should have the month of April off to tend to their growing projects! Nature has its own schedule.

  3. I googled something like “how to germ chamber”, and this was the SECOND result. You are famous germinaters!!

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