black milk and hare krishna samples

sorry that it’s off topic, and if you don’t understand why i would be excited about this, i totally understand. – but know that i love hip hop, and i love finding the original sample sources which hip hop is constructed from – and i had to share it with someone.

sunday morning in need of some new pants and shirts i hit the value village on woodward.  like most shopping trips this ended without that which i had gone in search of but did end up picking up a couple of records, one a jazz fusion record by the band ananta called wheels of time from 1978.  i picked it up mostly because it was on a hare krishna record label  and featured plenty of keyboards.

took it home and gave it a listen, it was pretty terrible but  something peaked my interest on the last track on the first side – wheel of time.

you can listen to the whole track or just move ahead to about the 5 min. mark.  i listened to it a couple of times thinking i knew it had been sampled by someone, but this just seemed too random and unlikely.  but i kept thinking about the new black milk record and song gospel psychedelic rock

so i listened to the black milk song, and amazingly enough i was pretty certain it was sampled.  listen for yourself it’s right at the beginning but then the guitar repeats throughout.

i quick internet search didn’t confirm that black milk sampled this, but i think that it just proves how producers guard their there samples, and how few folks are listening to hare krishna fusion jazz and black milk.


3 responses to “black milk and hare krishna samples

  1. Hey there–I’m happy you found that one. Wheels of Time have a few proggy-fusion lp’s just waiting to be chopped into something more original. I come across many of JayDee’s (particularly, the soul cuts) etc source material and am amazed how they flip things!

    Glad you broke up the agrarian posts with this one, even tho I learn lots from them! Oh, by the way, maybe you can message me off thread, but where can find the soil blocker you used for your seedlings? See below: . Thanks for the hard work and contributing to keeping the D healthy!


    • wheel of time is the name of the track, ananta is the band who recorded it, and wheels of time is the name of the album it came from, though album is called night and daydream in the uk.

      as for blockers, i’m not sure where to get the one i use, it’s an older model, but most folks i know order their blockers from johnny’s selected seeds.

  2. You are indeed half librarian. If I was a music writer, that would be the #1 question I would ask artists who sample: “where did you find it, what made you decide to use it etc?” The exception is “It’s A Hard Knock Life,” and for that I would just slap Jay Z in the face and say “try harder.”

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