book review: your farm in the city

lisa taylor’s new gardening book “your farm in the city” just came in the mail at work the other day.  i took it home for the weekend to check it out.  keep the free books coming for the library, and i’ll keep the reviews up.  i’m sure everyone at work will be excited to check this one out.

unlike so many books it is focused on growing in the city.  so it’s scale appropriate, no need to figure out how to take lessons learned from large-scale gardening books and apply them to small spaces.  it also cover critter care too.  it’s not gonna replace carla emery’s encyclopedia of country living or county wisdom and know how, but if i didn’t already have then and i wanted something that was focused on small-scale i might think about buying this.

the most impressive aspect of the book is the use of vintage illustrations and wood type looking fonts.  it has that fedco look and feel which i like so much.  it has great illustrations and i especially like the insects.  it really is a joy to look at it.  if anything i might say it’s a little busy for my taste.  it makes it tough to focus.

overall i’d say if you don’t really have many garden books or animal care this could be a great start, especially if you are working in the city.  i already have plenty of books lining my shelves on these topics, and i don’t see this one displacing them.  it would make a great gift especially for those that like art and gardening or those that are just getting started.   and it’s for a good cause too.  it supports seattle tilth.  so should you want to get this bad boy, you can go to seattle tilth’s website and purchase it.


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