late winter snow collapses quick hoops

instructions for installing quick hoops makes it quite clear that if using 1/2″ pvc you need to space the hoops every 2 feet.  this is very close, and means using a lot of pvc piping.  i just spaced them every four feet or so and figured what could happen.

turns out the weight of wet snows can cause extreme havoc.  this is under only a couple of very wet inches of snow.  earlier snow falls had caused more damage to the piping bending it like pretzels.

despite these problems not all is lost.  we have certainly learned a lesson, and have a great visual document to reinforce this lesson.  but there is still a good amount of life under those hoops, the leeks that we mulched a couple of weeks ago on a nice break in the weather, and also this spinach, which has been holding on for dear life.

the next week promises to warm up, and i’m hoping we can get some of the water off from these hoops and pop them back up as best we can and get some stuff growing, and still get a harvest.

next fall i’m switching to metal conduit.  i just hope no one steals it.


3 responses to “late winter snow collapses quick hoops

  1. the snow monster gave those hoops quite the smashing!! but hooray for mulched leeks and longer days and spinach!!!!!!!

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