more sprouts

i keep telling myself i’m going to do a how to post on pricking out seedlings.  but this is not it.  i’ve been bad about posting.  there has been plenty going on, but i just haven’t for whatever reason  had my camera when i’m out working.  in the last few weeks i’ve had the pleasure of tromping about the snow, pruning fruit trees, grapes, currants, and gooseberries.  i’ve been out in the hoop house prepping beds and enjoying the sunshine.  and i’ve seeding and pricking out seedlings.

these pepper seedlings were started at the same time as the sprouts featured in the last post.  they will get pricked out this week.  i always have a tough time getting the peppers to sprout, even with a heat mat.

these beautiful tomatoes got pricked out this week, and will go into the hoop house in about six weeks, about mid april.  The first tomatoes should be ready in the second week of june.  i can’t wait.


4 responses to “more sprouts

  1. They look absolutely beautiful! I’m so jealous :o( but I’m limited as to where I could have kept them and I have what I call a “Dark House” where there isn’t much light on one side in the morning and less in the afternoon :o(. I have one of those little greenhouses but it’s too cold outside to do anything with it yet. Good luck with your picking :o)

  2. I love to see your sprouts…inspiring me to get started. The macro pictures you did are great can really see the texture of the soil. 🙂 Jen

  3. PS tell us about gooseberries!

    • i try to remember to post something on gooseberries once it gets to be gooseberry season. perhaps a post about pruning them soon.

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