first sprouts pop

i’m way behind with getting seedlings started.  these should have been seeded weeks ago to be able to go into the hoop house right about now.  it’s no bother, as the beds in the hoop house are just now getting prepped.

even if we are behind, this rainbow kale took no time sprouting. when i came into work on tuesday they had already sprouted, and we had only planted them thursday afternoon.  more impressive was that the tomatoes started sprouting later that afternoon, and they two had only been planted on thursdays too. usually it takes at least seven days for them to sprout.  they all go under the lights until they are ready to get pricked out into soil blocks, likely the end of this week.


2 responses to “first sprouts pop

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patrick – I’m interested in any volunteer opportunities you may have with seed starting. Would like to get some experience with soil blocks. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. – Dan Carroll

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