mulching leeks on a sunny day

last week’s warm weather was a total tease.  50 degrees and sunny, i was in heaven, i saw the ground.  two days later we get dumped on with another 8 inches, and snow almost every day since.  i’m wishing now i had spent even more time outside, but i convinced myself that the groundhog’s predication of an early spring was accurate and that we were done with the snow.  but i should know better, i don’t see any sign of a break in this weather anytime soon.

with the warm weather ma was able to get under the quick hoops and harvest some salad greens, which we have been chopping on all week.  it’s the most wonderful thing to have fresh sweet salad greens in these cold times.

at work we sifted a bunch of compost for using in seed starting mix.  i would like to have started seeds weeks ago, but for whatever reason the seed order seemed to take even longer than usual to get in.  next year i vow to get it in before the first of the year.

the quick hoops at work are a total mess, confirming the statements that if you are using plastic electrical conduit, you do need to space it extra close together in areas which receive lots of snow.  the hoops have been crushed, the plastic is sagging and the row cover ripped in plenty of places.  i took the time to fix what i could, trying to help everyone get though these last few weeks.  it’s hard to tell just what kind of harvest i will get, but i could deftly see leeks, onions, spinach and garlic under the plastic and row cover.

the leeks which were transplanted last year, rather than direct seeded were by far the furthest along, but also under the hoops with the most damage.  i decided to pull the hoops off them all together.

instead i covered them with a layer of straw mulch and then pulled the row cover over them for the next month or so, before they are uncovered and allowed to reach full size.

seeds came in yesterday, so we start seedlings this week.  the small hoop house is cleaned out so we can plant it next week.  the big hoop house still needs lots of work to get all the beds prepped, but it’s coming along.  my plans for an early spring crop might not work out, but the first tomatoes on the block are still a go.


3 responses to “mulching leeks on a sunny day

  1. YUM, I so envy your fresh salads! Last night while talking plans of a community garden my mouth was watering when we talked about growing salad greens. I love the root vegetables our farmer’s bring to Eastern Market all winter. However at this point of the year, I’m ready for salad!!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

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