chasing windmills

sunday morning on dawn’s family farm was balmy.  the sun was shining and the snow was starting to turn into a sloppy mess.

i think we were all a little reluctant to leave the farm and head back to detroit.  late night conversations about what animals and crops you would grow if this property was your farm have a way of making visions of rural life dance in one’s head.

in order to help to alleviate the pain of going home, i tried to focus on the promised trip to the mid-american windmill museum.

as we crested the hill leading to the museum, i could see all the windmills, and i let out a uncontrolable gasp.  the place was closed, but there was no fence around the windmills.

i love windmills, and was so happy to be enjoying them spinning on a this warm and windy february afternoon.  the sound of all those blades turning, and flipping into the wind was amazing.

kendallville – where the museum is located is fitting, as it is home to flint and walling company, one of the early makers of windmills.  they are still in business making electric water pumps, and still located in kendallville.



5 responses to “chasing windmills

  1. I dream of having one of those if ever I should actually own some land.

  2. I want to go there! I too love windmills. Coincidence?

  3. Loved those windmills. It must have been quite a trip.

  4. That was a nice Post Patrick! I enjoyed seeing those Wind mills..I saw the ones on the way to many …

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