seed order and refund

the seed order for the house has come in.  those at work are slowly trickling in.

very soon it will be time to construct a lighting rack to start transplants for home.  in the past we have borrowed one from work, but i need to use that one this year.  we start seeds at work this week.  soilless mix is thawing in the greenhouse as i write this.  look for pictures of green things soon.

fedco was out good king henry.  this is the second year in a row that my plans to grow good king henry have been foiled.  anybody got some extra seed they wanna give me?

since they were sold out it meant we got a refund, and rather than write us a check for the amount since only $1.30 we received this adorable seed packet packed with some change.


2 responses to “seed order and refund

  1. It’s Seedy Sunday here tomorrow so I will ask around for some Good King Henry seeds. I’m sure I can just pop them in the mail if I find any!

  2. That seed packet is so great! Possibly as good as the Fedco illustration of Adam playing with DNA.

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