messy desk = progress

though it might not look like it.

the environment at work, while often fun, actually makes getting work pretty hard.  i don’t have an office or anything like that, just a corner in a dirty garage.  rest assuredly, i am not complaining about this.  i am grateful everyday for what i have.  i spent years borrowing people’s computers and desks, so i don’t take having those sort of things for grant it.

but because it is the corner of a dirty garage, and people are constantly calling, and dropping by, and wanting to talk, the ability to keep your train of thought is close to impossible.   considering how tenuous my hold on any one thought is, i don’t need any outside help.  i often find myself thinking of the kurt vonnegut story harrison bergeron.  imagining that the constant interruptions are intended to keep me from getting anything done.

to the end of actually getting anything done, i’ve spent several days trying to get some work done at home.  i didn’t realize just how much the addition of a hoophouse was going to affect the rest of the fields.  i’ve ended up pretty much pitching the old crop plan i had and starting largely from scratch, and while it’s taken a long time to put together i’m feeling pretty good about it.  still have many more hours to go before i can start getting to the next steps: putting together a greenhouse plan and seed order, but it’s starting to feel like i’m getting my stuff done.  finally.

and best of all i’m able to sit at my desk and look outside – enjoying the sunshine or the snowflakes, which is oh so pleasant.


2 responses to “messy desk = progress

  1. i was told about desks years ago a buzy desk is a messy desk a desk that is not buzy is empty

  2. Getting something done is the most important factor. Sitting on the throne usually is where you get your best idea’s :o) Ginny

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