white kimchi, white weekend

i picked too many turnips for us to use in salads in the length of time that they would stay good, and so, i decided a batch of white kimchi was in order.

unlike kimchi i’ve made in the past, this contains no chili powder, so it’s not as hot and also appropriate for those eating a macrobiotic diet, and for my kosher and vegetarian friends i made it without fish sauce or shrimp sauce.

a recipe for white kimchi

1. slice up any veggies that will stay firm during pickling; turnips, diakon, leeks, or cabbage would all be excellent choices, you can mix and match if you like.  i cut the turnips in half and then slice them thinly, but i’ve had them quartered with lovely results, they just take longer to ferment.

2. add veggies to a strong brine of water and sea salt, and leave to soak overnight.  if its warm out you would want to put them in the fridge, but this time of year room temperature in an old detroit house is cool enough.

3. meanwhile, grate ginger and garlic in approximately equal amounts, you can vary the ratio based on your taste.  i usually use a bit more ginger, because i like the fresher clean heat it brings over the sometimes hot harsh heat of garlic. how much garlic and ginger you add will dictate how much heat and flavor you add, but it also helps to preserve the vegetables and give the distinctive kimchi flavor.  mix with this some additional salt, about a teaspoon for each cup of vegetables, but you again can adjust it to your taste.

4. after 12-24 hours drain the veggies off the brine and squeeze out excess liquid.

5. place the vegetables in a bowl and add the garlic, ginger, and salt mix.  work the garlic, ginger, and salt so they cover all of the surfaces of the vegetables.

6. get a mason jar big enough to hold the veggies, and pack in as tight as you can.  work out any air bubbles as best you can.  screw the lid on and put it in a cool dark place.  taste it in a week, if you like it eat it.  if you think it is not fermented keep trying it until it is to your liking. enjoy.  once it’s to your tasting put in the fridge.

i had plans to consume this white turnip kimchi as a substitute for sauerkraut on tempeh rubens while spending a weekend camping with friends in a snowy northern area of michigan.  unfortunately they froze in the cooler they were sitting in outside the cabin, turning them into mush instead of sweet crunchyness.  but that was the only part of the weekend that was disappointing, everything else was great.  it was wonderful to get out of the city; walk in the woods, play games, talk, eat, read, spend time with friends, and ski.

much as i love detroit, its good to get out from time to time.  as they say distance makes the heart grow fonder.



5 responses to “white kimchi, white weekend

  1. Love the idea of a white kimchi! I’ve posted a link to this recipe in my blog post on fermentation.

  2. Now I’m all inspired to try making kimchee, which sounds a little like sauerkraut–but when you say a “strong brine,” how much salt in how much water makes a strong brine?

    • don’t you hate subjective terms like strong brine? i do it based on taste, salter than tears, but not as salty as the ocean, but a little closer to ocean. i’m thinking maybe 3 tablespoons per quart would get you close – but that’s just a guess.

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