ordering seeds

it’s felt for weeks that i couldn’t turn around without seeing a seed catalog, the first were in before christmas, intended i think to remind you not to spend all yr money and save some for some seeds.

but now all the catalogs are in, and they seem to be everywhere – as we have multiple copies of many of them and many companies.

ma and i have a major problem with purchasing seeds – we just don’t seem to know when to stop, kind of like most americans at a chinese buffet.

one of the nice things about ordering seeds for the home is that i don’t have the same level of restrictions as i do at work; the need for organic seed, uniformity for market, and the desires of those that we are selling to.  at home we grow what we enjoy, and focus on crops that are not available at the market or varieties we can’t find at market.

over the years we have ordered from a number of catalogs, but we have pretty much settle on the fedco catalog.  there are a number of reasons for ordering from fedco.  the prices are great and they have bulk sizes, the selection is awesome, and includes varieties from some of my favorite and the most innovative breeders; frank morton, and brett grohsgal, and the illustrations are great old skool etchings, combined together in amusing ways.  but the single reason for ordering so much from the fedco is the high quality of the copy by c.r. lawn, it’s a joy to read.  i am captivated more by these descriptions than any glossy full color seed porn.

but it’s not just fedco, we have to go though all the seed catalogs, curled up on the couch with markers and tea, putting little tick marks next to each of the varieties we want.  then the negotiations and discussion take place.  how much seed do we have left over from last year?  how much space do we have?  do we really need to grow 10 different types of lettuce.  eventually we work though it and we get most of what we want.

and then the crop plan and transplant production plan can begin.


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