seven seas trading co.

i been snoozing on this one for a little while – but i figure it’s winter and this post isn’t even mildly seasonal.

i have a love for ethnic grocery stores of almost any sort, but south asian and chinese grocery stores seem to have the best selection of interesting greens and fruits for me to try.  while we have plenty of great asian grocery stores – siagon market on john r. in madison heights is a particular favorite, i had heard that seven seas has its own particular charms.

seven seas is not really a grocery store – it’s more like a warehouse full of stuff, it’s not particularly well-lit and it focuses mostly on dried and frozen goods.  of those things they specialize in though they have a very impressive selection, it had many product i’d seen nowhere else.  i had to restrain myself from buying many bizarre  pickled goods, reminding myself that slimy seems to be a texture much valued in asian cultures, but one i have yet to cultivate.  i keep trying though.

i was especially excited to see the tasty joy brand canned quail eggs which so much reminded me of the happy boy margarine package that i have hanging on the wall behind my stove ( thanks so much c. money for the gift many years ago, i’m sure you would never guess how happy it makes me).

sorry for the little bit of reflection – i suppose if i were a real pro i would have taken it out from behind the glass – but i also didn’t want to risk any additional oxidation by exposing it to air – too valuable.

while seven seas doesn’t have that much of a produce section it does have a few standouts – several types of root vegetables that i don’t have the courage to cook, being concerned they might be some sort of cassava and i wouldn’t know it and the cyanide would kill me.  they also have many different banana types – and the nicest and largest banana flowers i’ve seen.

seven seas is a bit off the beaten path from other asian grocery stores as well as restaurants, making it hard to pair a shopping trip with lunch, but at hoover and toepfer it’s only a couple blocks from detroit, and it’s prices are by far the best i have seen.  i’ll definitely be back, especially if i’m buying in bulk and looking for the cheap.


2 responses to “seven seas trading co.

  1. You’re right. I never would have guessed, but I’m very glad Happy Boy makes you, well, happy. Although I probably wouldn’t eat that margarine at this point if I were you…

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