the citrus tree blooms!

our citrus tree is blooming! i’m still not all together certain of what kind of tree it is, it bore fruit for a couple of years, and it appeared to be a lemon or maybe some sort of sour orange – but i can’t be sure.  it’s actually a three-way graft novelty tree that ma’s father gave to us as a house-warming gift some years ago. one of the grafts promptly died.

it’s since growing a lot, i’ve repotted it three times, and it’s grown to about four feet tall.  like the last three winters it has bloomed in january – helping to stave off my winter blues and bring a lovely sent to the air.  it has delivered us at least three lovely little tart citrus fruits so far in the course of its life – and there are four that are clinging to the tree right now waiting to ripen up, or at least i am waiting for them to ripen.

since we don’t really have any pollinators inside – ma broke out the cotton swab and made buzzing sounds.  she had  a lot of work to do – over two dozen blossoms.

for the first year the other graft has blossoms on it too, so we may get to sample fruit from this tree as well.  i’ll keep you posted.


2 responses to “the citrus tree blooms!

  1. How lovely and glorious that your citrus plant is not only blooming, its thriving!! Thanks for sharing this wonder;)!

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