back in the d

i’m happy to be back in the d, happy for leah picking us up from the airport, happy to have eaten pupusas with leah as a thanks for picking us up, happy to be unpacked, happy to have gone though my mail and sitting at my desk, and happy to sleep in my bed tonight.

i’m feeling a little extra sad about leaving my folks house.  we had over a foot of snow and i enjoyed playing in it, sitting and reading by the fire, and cooking for my family.  i think as i get older i realize that the reason i feel so much connection to growing, making and eating food is because it connects me to my own personal history and my family.  i really can’t think of a place that i feel more grounded than in my parents kitchen cooking with my mother.  no matter how many times i cook with her, i always learn some new tips – and was happy to get a refresher on hand kneading dough, i’ve gotten a little soft, using the dough hook on the mixer for the last couple of years.  i made a batch of foccachia and oatmeal bread with her.

this trip included it’s fair share of difficult times, as family trips are prone to.  without any idea of what else to do to support those in need, cooking seemed like the right thing to do – at least i could do what i know how to do and keep everyone well fed.

with over eight inches of snow on the ground and a ton coming down most families would stay indoors, but not mine, we walked to the grocery store and video store.

back in the d, i marveled at just how overcast, grey, and stinky detroit can be, but i was also genuinely happy to be home, and thankful to have such a wonderful family.


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