greatest misses pt. 3

last of the greatest misses.  i’m up late, not sure if it’s the late day coffee or something i ate, but i just can’t seem to sleep.  i’ve got a lot of posts in the hopper and several days off so expect several more posts in the next few days.

ma’s first morel to discover, and our only morel of the season.

fall mustard greens in the high tunnel

quick hoops covered with row cover

radishes in the high tunnel

rainbow kale – list it in a seed catalog as being rainbow and i’ll buy it.  this turned out to be the surprise hit of the year, ma and i both loved it.

abandoned rock quarry in maine

romanesque broccoli – never got very big, but no one knew what it was so it wasn’t stolen out of the garden.

serviceberries in bloom

serviceberry fruit – not fully ripe – it was a pretty lousy year for service berries,

trilliums at the henry ford estate.


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