noble fish!

i’m on vacation and the camera is back from the shop.  how to start the vacation?  well sushi and beer seemed like a good idea.  as far as i’m concerned there is only really one place to go for sushi in detroit – or to be more accurate, the northern burbs.  noble fish has amazing sushi and also a nice little grocery store in front.

next door to noble fish is black lotus which has really stepped up the quality of the beers that they produce – though i’m not sure how into the indoor golf range that is connected to it i am.  i don’t really enjoy hearing balls getting smacked while i’m trying to enjoy a tasty beer.

but back to noble fish – i snapped a couple of picks while i was shopping

little fish – they have a section of special foods for the new year.  these very expensive little fish were housed in this area.

i do not really enjoy eating octopus a little too chewy for me, but i do have a serious fascination with cephalopods.  i spend a good amount of time staring at these octopus tentacles.  i wish they were whole live octopus for me to stare at.

got no clue what potato syrup is, but if i’m looking to turn my hair blue, i’m gonna eat some.


2 responses to “noble fish!

  1. The first time I ever ate sushi it was with you, at that place in Fruitland.

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