lettuce survives!

we had this lovely fall with plenty of warm days allowing us to work in the fields late into the year.  i was starting to wonder if winter was ever gonna come.  and to be perfectly frank i was just as well if it didn’t bother to come this year.  but come it has, 9 degree nights, highs of 14, and an icy mix of snow and sleet this past weekend made some seriously difficult bike riding.  i wimped out on monday but was back at it on tuesday – which was frankly a harrowing experience, most of the roads were icy and drivers seem to not want to give you the extra space that you need.  but the roads are now clear, and riding is much better, and pretty fun.  now that winter is here, i’m actually pretty happy to see it.

but much more important is the good eating we have been having.  even with this cold cold weather we are still eating out of the garden, proof that the quick hoops really do work.

salad greens this time of year are such a gift.  and as we get better growing in the off-season, i can just see the possibilities expanding.  some new products in the 2011 johnny’s catalog have my gears turning.  for more info on utilizing the quick hoops, posts on quick hoops are here, here, and here.


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