greatest misses pt. 2

more of the leftover’s from 2010.  leftovers seem to get a bad rap.  i for one love them, it’s often what i have for breakfast.

blue cohosh – more wildflowers from the early spring walks.

native currents blooming on belle isle.  i always go back looking for the berries once they are ripe, but the mosquitos are just so oppressive i can’t even stop to turn over leaves.  i have to run to keep them off of me, with a hoodie up covering my neck, and as much of my face.

nuka bran pickles with lotus root i tried to make.  total failure.  sometimes it’s best if you follow directions.  especially if you have no clue as to what you are doing.  but i haven’t given up yet, just for this batch.

more frozen fog in brush park

the greenhouse ridge vent filled with water – amazingly enough the hyperbolic curve with water in it was able to focus the sunlight to act like a magnifying glass and actually set a pallet that was in the greenhouse smoking!  the freak storm that brought this much water in also fried the controls on the ridge vent which meant i could not close it.  in order to get the water out i had to poke holes at the bottom of the troughs of water, and get water raining down all over me in the process!

screwing the cap on a jar of honey.  i like the look of highly contrasted hands doing stuff.  this works out really well since ma likes to make paper cuts of highly contrasted hands doing stuff.  i love her.

the little house we stayed at in maine.

mushrooms with a pine cone in maine

another maine sunset.  more maine fun here and here


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