greatest misses pt. 1

i have a lot of photos that never made it into any posts, or ideas for post that never  materialized leaving me with some great photos but nothing to add them to.  i’m left with a lot of great pictures that are great, but have no home, and so i present the greatest misses of the year as part of the closure and review for 2010, as this year quickly rounds out.  let me know if any of the topics seem like good fodder for posts next year.

the apostle flower, each blossom only lasts for one day, but it’s beauty and light fragrance are enough to brighten my day in mid winter when it blooms.  i’m not a huge fan of house plants, especially those that i can’t eat, but having a few inside to make the space brighter during the winter certainly helps the mental attitude.

a honey bee on new england aster, asters are one of the last forage plants in the fall.

virgina bluebells at the environmental interpretive center in dearborn.  i’ve been trying to get better at wildflower id this past year.  part of the process is to take photos of them and then idea them when i get home.

a broccoli head, it was a pretty good year for broccoli, though the aphids did manage to work their way into the depths on the heads, making the latter crop unsellable.

fog in brush park in march.  the fog was actually frozen, so as i rode my bike it would cover my clothes with a fine layer of white powder.

a giant burr oak at seeds savers in iowa.  almost every time i see an oak i really am captivated by it’s a burr oak.

a head of cauliflower, most was stolen before we could harvest it.

bright lights swiss chard

the embarrassing choco tan lines produced from working outdoors in chocos.  i had mocked others for wearing them, and the tan lines.  now i feel the need to produce this photo in order to mock myself.  what have i become?


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