model d article

if you didn’t see it, i had an article in model d last week.  i’m pretty pleased.  hopefully it won’t be a one time gig.  i’m looking for other opportunites for writing, if anyone has any recommendations or ideas please feel free to share.

and if you have ideas for good stories for me to pitch to model d or other publications, don’t be afraid to share those too.

also for new readers – if you didn’t know – you can subscribe to this blog, just put your email in the upper right hand corner of this page.  you get posts sent right to your email as soon as they are published.  it means you get to see the typos i only correct after i have published and notice them.

and please feel free to comment and share – really, it makes this all the richer experience.


2 responses to “model d article

  1. Wonderful and congratulations! I’m excited and happy for you and I am also tickled that you are finding more opportunities to share the gifts and talents of your writing!
    Take good care and the best to you~

  2. You might try for writing gigs–they have an entire section devoted to food now.

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