holiday open house

need some holiday gifts?  want to support local artists and beekeepers?  have we got a deal for you – this saturday 2pm – 6pm the little house is having an open house.  you can sample some of the recently bottled meads, get some prints, holiday cards, and detroit wildflower honey.  we may be having friends selling other gifts as well.  if you need directions to the little house shoot me an email at

mpatrickcrouch (at) yahoo (dot) com

in other news, i’m a reason to be optimistic about america.  who knew? you can see the huffington post article here


5 responses to “holiday open house

  1. Congrats on the article! I always enjoy reading about your work.

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  3. are you coming home for the holidays? does mead travel? if so sign the Nagel family up for a bottle.

    Happy Holidays!

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