queens county farm museum

since we were in new york for the black farmer’s conference, i figured we should take an extra day and visit our friend leah and the farm that she helps manage.  leah is originally from detroit and was one of the first apprentices at one of the urban ag. programs here in the city and went on to manage market programs as well.  She has been out in new york for about 2 years, and i’ve meant to make a visit out to her for some time.

just barely inside the city limits, the queens county farm museum sits at the far northeast corner of queens.   at 47 acres it’s by far the largest piece of land being cultivated in new york city and with its history dating to 1697, it is the oldest continuously cultivated piece of farm land in new york state .   it’s a pretty special place.

about 2 acres of the land is in mixed vegetable production.

this field was wrapping up for the season, much of it sown to winter rye, but there will still plenty of radishes, broccoli, and kohlrabi.

because it is a farm museum, and not just a working farm, they feature lots of critters and other more ag. tourism like items such as corn mazes and pumpkin patches.  and while many of the critters might not be all that useful, i still enjoyed seeing them.

these bunnies were just running wild, but obviously domestic, they even let me touch them as they hopped away.

they have a couple of older glass greenhouse used for transplant production, season extension, and drying.  they had greens and beets growing which would be ready to take to market about the time that the stuff in the cold frames and the field had started to die.  they seemed to, like most everywhere i’ve visited this fall, have had a very warm fall, just getting a touch of frost so far.

last task of the day was to close up these crazy old cold frames, made out of cast concrete, and then we were off to fly out and back home to the d.  i was happy to see leah seeming so happy, finding a place that works for her, and being able to focus on what she really wants to be doing growing vegetables.


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  1. this is great. I’m from NY

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