getting ready for the winter holidays

with the outdoor tasks at home  pretty much over, with the exception of lots of leaf raking, we turn our attention to indoor tasks.  ma has been busy on a number of art works she plans to have ready for a winter gift bizarre, as well as more crafty pursuits.  expect posts in the coming week on making lip balm and soap – and hopefully at some point ma will post about printing up the little house farms gift tags, as they are sweet.

my projects have been quite a bit smaller, i’ve been focusing on getting my bike all prepped up for the winter riding, with a new rack and waterproof panniers now successfully installed and new rain gear purchased.  I need to get a new rear tire, as that one is pretty well losing it’s tread, and the thought of getting a flat becomes less and less desirable as it gets colder.

one of the things that has been really looming over me was getting mead bottled, and so i am happy to report that we now have more mead to share for the winter holidays, dandelion, black currant and apricot (apricots were wild collected from one of the trees pruned here ) one made with fruit from the permaculture plot at hope takes root for the garden’s coming out part next year, and a few bottles of blends.



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