expanding the garden

the side lot of the house has plenty of space to grow, but we have been trying to dodge the giant pieces of concrete in the ground, the trees that our land lord planted, avoid the shade and not get so close to anything that the land lord refuses to mow the grass.  i don’t like mowing grass.  i’d have tilled the whole place up if i didn’t think he would freak out.  we’d also have chickens, and put up a greenhouse, but those ideas have already received the veto, so we focus on those things that are permitted.

we keep tilling up more each year, and i’m sure he notices, but doesn’t say anything, after all it just means less time to mow the yard.  this year is no different, i tilled up a new patch and expanded the current garden more.

the ground has never been worked before and i want some serious improvement and i have plenty of time before we put any tomatoes in the ground we are doing some sheet mulching.  layering up leaves and straw now, and taking a trip to get some manure soon, to add some much-needed nitrogen.

at the very least it will keep the weeds down.  at the very best it will feed the worms and make the soil nice and rich for those tomatoes.


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