more conservatories

i would guess ma will be updating her blog with adventures to the hamilton wood type museum, instead i focus on what i always write about; food and plants.

on the way to mark shepard’s farm, we stop in madison.  madison is a college town and the state capital.  that means it has many of the things i want including more conservatories and good food.  wednesday morning just happens to be free at the madison conservatory and so of course we make a visit.





starfruit and coffee are just a few of the edibles growing.  most of the photos i took were much to blury on account of the high humidity levels.

the conservatory is actually on the grounds of the olbrich botanical gardens and as long as we are around, we might as well check out the gardens and the docents were so adamant about us seeing the thai pavilion we felt we had to.  we wonder the lovely grounds, which despite  a killing frost still have many lovely flowers in bloom.  i’m amazed by the amount of volunteer labor they have to keep the grounds looking so fantastic.   eventually we find our way to the thai pavilion.

it really is lovely, and much closer to than going to thailand, i’m glad the docents talked me into checking it out.




after the gardens we go and get some food.  it’s a hard choice between lao food and indonesian food, but in the end we settle on indonesian.

the only thing i know about indonesian food is that it features the beloved tempeh, and we made sure to order a dish that had tempeh in it as well as the sator bean, something i’d never heard of.  the tempeh was homemade and amazing, and the sator beans tasty, but strangely medicinal tasting.  i decide i liked them, ma was a bit more up in the air.


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