domes and breweries

since mike posner was having a concert in the building just down the block from the hotel we were staying in, it meant that i had to sleep with ear plugs in.  (for those who don’t know who mike posner is don’t feel bad, i had no idea who the guy was until i looked it up, and while i had heard his song i thought it was a husky voiced woman who sang it) the hotel was full of college students full of booze and spirit.

i woke up from restless sleep deciding that working on some reading and writing was more productive.  by the time ma got up i was ready to go, but rather than scoot her out the door, we drank coffee and talked for a bit.  but i think she could tell i was itching to get out, and she was kind enough to not take too much time getting her day started.

i really love conservatories, anyone that has read this for anytime is likely well aware that i just love plants, and especially unusual plants.  i saw the domes yesterday on our drives around and i wanted to go back.


three great big domes full of plants – a boring show dome, and arid dome and a tropical dome.


if we lived in the milwaukee, i’d be back all the time, hounding the staff for me to taste some of the unusual fruits, golden apples, soursops, cocao, various bananas, and more.

after domes, coffee and a lunch of leftovers, a trip to the urban ecology center was next on the list.  i’d heard good things about the place, and one of the ideas in the back of my mind is how great it would be to create an urban ecology center in detroit.  it offered some good ideas – who knows if i’ll ever implement any of them, but it’s always good to explore.

this is milwaukee, and what is more milwaukee than a brewery tour?  i’m at a loss.  so we went on a tour of the lakefront brewery.

lakefront brew kettles

i enjoyed the beers, thought the brew house was a cool cobbled together beast housed in an old factory, and got a lot of great ideas of how we can work better with the brewery that we pick up brew waste from.  that sounds like a good review, but the tour guide treated the tour as a chance for him to drunkenly practice his sexist, comedy routine.  everyone else seemed to like it, but ma and i just rolled our eyes at each other.

headed back to our hotel i spot the word pabst in the air and headed straight for it.  i had in mind to check out some of the old brewing complexes and ma and i poked around checking each of the doors on all the buildings to see if they were locked.

the pabst complex is huge, and beautiful.  just like in detroit, milwaukee if full of shuttered old factories, milwaukee seems to have done a better job of preserving its buildings, but mostly by converting them to luxury housing.  how much luxury housing a community can support without any jobs i don’t know.  it makes one miss the bygone era when working class communities were supported by the industry in their own backyard, but a ride by cargil’s smelly plant reminds one that having plants and people so close together is not without its problems.


One response to “domes and breweries

  1. Your favorite ant

    Happy trails to u and yours! Lovely photos of wrinkled plants; reminds me of someone in our family( not moi). loving you

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