garlic fest

while we hardly even promoted it, i’d have to say garlic fest was a pretty great success.  preparing for it was a big task, we started on tuesday to have everything ready for the event.  you could argue that we started a week in advance because we extracted last weekend to ensure that we would have honey for sale.

ma focused mostly on art and visual merchandising, and i mostly on food, but there was a good amount of cross coverage as well.


garlic roasting


we roasted a garlic for spreading on bread and crackers, and adding to other recipes.  i ended up making a white bean dip with roasted garlic, sun-dried tomato, and kalamata olives.   we also made chevre with garlic honey and pickled lemons, and our friend blair was kind enough to make paw paw ice cream from paw paws we had collected, and roasted garlic and honey ice cream made with goat’s milk from catherine ferguson academy and garlic and honey from little house farms.


the spread


so the food  – and drink, we had 8 varieties of home-made mead available to sample, were certainly nice, but the main star of the event was the garlic.  and specify the garlic tasting table.


the garlic table


we laid out the 11 varieties of garlic and provided bread to spread the garlic on, and examples of what the heads looked like.  one went missing by the end of the night.  i started grating these garlics on wedensday night, just thinking it would be nice to get ahead, not realizing how long grating all that garlic would be with a dull micro plane (if anyone is looking to get me a gift a new micro plane would be great).  it ended up taking hours, and ma gave no sympathy as she had recommended that i just use the blender and thought my concerns about damaging the subtle favor compounds though exposure to heat were bullshit.  after i complained for a couple of hours about how much the garlic oil was burning my fingers she finally agreed to peel some of the garlic.

also available our honey and some of ma’s art


honey and art


in the end we sold some honey and art, got some donations, hung out with some of our favorite people, and had a great time.  figuring out which garlic was the real winner was tough, everyone seemed to like a different variety, but there were a few clear losers.




metechi was one that almost everyone seemed to like, good flavor, heat and balance.  we will certainly be planting it and several other garlic varieties in the coming weeks as well as prepping new beds for next year.  we made enough in donations to get some tools we need and some compost as well.


One response to “garlic fest

  1. i found that head of garlic that went missing! it is under your desk

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